Several documents dated 1440 mention a small chapel devoted to Saint Anthony in the hamlet of Castignola. Father Marchisio of Frati Serviti in Zogno celebrated  mass on Sunday in 1487. In 1500 an hermit who was also a priest was hosted ; after him, a parish priest used to go there on Sundays from Brembilla for mass and catechism. At the beginning of 1800, thanks to a fund granted by some devotees to Saint Anthony, a new larger church was built perpendicularly to the previous one.

The new parish was established on 22nd July 1887 by Bishop Guindani and includes about ten hamlets: Prisa Alta, Prisa Bassa, Zernione and Colle belonging to the town of Zogno; Castignola di Qua e di Là, Tiglio, Moia, Caìs, Muraca and Stalla belonging to the town of Brembilla. The church was enlarged  7 metres further and equipped with a sacristy.

The fresques of the vaults were painted by Umberto Marigliani, who represented scenes from the life in S. Antonio, the evangelists, Saint Charles and  Saint Gregory Barbarigo and the eucharistic banquet on the basin over the altar. The painting by Carlo Ceresa (1630) was brought from the old church, representing: Christ Crucified, Saint Sebastian, Saint Rocco, Saint Francis from Assisi and Saint Nicholas from Tolentino. Of a quite good artistic value is the altar-piece of Saint  Anthony Abbot, the local patron saint, with Saint John Baptist and Saint Laurence, patron saints of Brembilla and Zogno respectively. The altar-piece of the nativity is also interesting, it was executed by Abramo Spinelli, in the early twentieenth century. The Via Crucis, work of a later date, by Gaetano Perrada in 1940 is also worth seeing.

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